Linggo, Pebrero 24, 2013

Challenge to myself

Summer is coming it means Travel, Vacation, Beach, Swimsuits, Body,Happiness, and bonding with the family. 

This coming summer i have a challenge to myself. I need to achieve this beach body. 

Actually I am petite im not that fat. What i really dont like in my body is my belly i want a nice ABS  *_* How? I dont know LOL. I read this article and i think I need to decipline myself and follw this STEPS: Ways to get great abs if you are a girl . 

Me last Summer April 2012
So good luck to me wish me luck. How about you girls how did you get your abs what is the best way for you to flat you belly ^_^?

Disclaimer: 3 Photos above is not mine i just grab them from my Tumblr account.

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