Martes, Marso 12, 2013


My silence means I try not to be angry or to over react. I chose to be calm.  You know the feeling that instead initiating a discussion I remove myself from the situation that would end up an argument. Because you know in the end it useless to ask him. its hard to communicate with a man who don't know how to listen. 

I scream in silence, But sometimes it is not enough.  I just did was I never lose hope, hoping that someday this situation will change. I miss to be alive to be free with worries and to have a simple life. 

I end this post with a prayer 

Dear god please help me to be strong, help me to forgive him, help me to save the relationship. Allow me to be a good person a good mother to my son a good partner to him. Help me to understand everything. Please take care of my heart I don't want to be a woman who has hatred . Bless me God. Forgive if I forgot you. Take care of my family.


Calm like an ocean, Get peace with the silence night and be a moon with pride

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