Huwebes, Marso 21, 2013

What I want to have...

Forgive me bloggers I'm having a hard time to use  my new cellphone (Nangangain kase ng tanga ang bago kong phone LOL). Kaya I cant upload my new pics here to give updates to my previous post.

I have a lot in my mind, topics that I need to discuss here but apparently my cellphone not allow me to make it happen. Allow me to explore my new cellphone and I promise I'll show you my updates on my other post. ^_^.. 

But for the meantime I want to share with you guys what I want to have (Things) this year 2013. 
Things that I'm dying to have or to buy..

First is I want to have an Urbanears plattan Tomato Headphone 

Why I'm dying to have this headphone? Of course its features like it has a ZOUNDPLUG that allow your friend to listen the same music you are listening , how cool is that?

I love the whole features of this headphones  I plan to but this pa on my birthday which is September pa a birthday gift for myself :( I need to save money pa for this... If you want to have this you can check its website here they have a lot of colors you may like.. 

2nd. stuff that I want to have is Casio watch.. 

3rd is a Sony Nex digital camera..
I really want to have this why you can read its specs here 

Thats all or now.. 

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